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This is a question that we hear (A LOT! In-fact) it may just be one of the most frequently asked questions by smokers looking to switch to vaping. Unfortunately, there’s no one answer that is right for everyone. My advice here, based on the person asking this question being completely new to vaping, is… keep it simple!

Remember This; KISS = Keep It Stupid Simple! Or Keep It Simple Stupid!

By this, I mean, don’t worry too much about achieving BIG CLOUDS to impress the lads, or, having a device that goes up to 400 watts just so you can say to your mates: “mine is bigger than yours”  if you are entering the world of vaping to quit smoking, then aim to quit smoking. By all means, if you are looking for big cloud and wattage that can possibly light a small village (slight exaggeration) then check this blog out. But seriously, if you are just starting out… KISS.

Start with something cheap in price and simple. After all, you don’t want to be spending £100’s on your first vape set up just to go back to smoking after a week/month because you can’t seem to get on with it, or the device you purchased just isn’t doing it for you. We suggest spending around £30 to £50 on your first set-up. Don’t go too cheap so that you tell yourself; “this vaping is CRAP I’m going back to cigarettes, it only cost me a tenner Anywayz!”.  It is said that something of greater value purchased from your own hard-earned cash is MUCH harder to throw away or quit on, so… Budget nearer £40 – £50 on your first kit (including e-liquid) and you are more likely to give it a good go. But let’s face it, you’re also going to need that good old will power.

Here are 5 things I would recommend taking into account when looking for your first vape device, and why!…

1.) Mouth To Lung (MTL)

Smokers are used to smoking MTL as this is the same inhalation method one would be used to when smoking an every-day combustible tobacco cigarette.

2.) Mod With Built-in Battery

This usually keeps your initial cost down. Besides, you are already used to plugging your phone on charge daily, so this shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to, however, if you were to choose a device that takes batteries(18650 cells etc) you would usually need a charger to recharge them and a possible set of spare cells and ideally a case to prevent those desperate times where your device dies on you at the worst possible moment. A micro or type C USB charger is easier to come by on your daily endeavours.

3.) A Set, Or Simple Wattage Altered Device

Remember; KISS. We recommend a device with one simple press button function with a set wattage, some of our best sellers in the starter kit category are, Aspire Pockex, SMOK 22 Pen and Innokin Endura T18E don’t over complicate it by getting a device with a display that has a ton of different settings, this will probably cause you complications with the settings of the device. If you are new to it all, resulting in it not functioning correctly and in-turn likely putting you off and sending you in the wrong direction… ‘BACK TO TOBACCO’. If you would like to alter the wattage we recommend a device like the Free Max Twister which can be altered up to 80W with a simple twist of a knob, located at the base of the device.

4.) Choose A Small Or Sleek Design

We find, in our experience, most novice vapers do not want a big, bulky, clumsy device, whether this is because everyone seems to have a thing for skinny jeans these days and want to avoid the whole, “is that a vape pen in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me” embarrassment, who knows!

It seems the preference is a small or sleek pen like e-cigarette that can easily slip into a pocket. Or, the new craze seems to be even smaller for 2019 heading into 2020, and comes in that of a pod system/device, They are even styling vape watches now, that have a built in pod system… yep, you read that right!! A VAPE WATCH! But perfect for avoiding the embarrassment mentioned above. Another great benefit to this watch is if, like many devices, you acquire a little leakage from an old coil, smashed glass, or a device that has been upside down in your pocket etc, there’s not going to be an embarrassing wet patch in your pants pocket or shirt pocket that makes you look you’re a little incompetent in some area.

Berts Personal Advice: Do your own research based on your daily endeavours. It is important to keep in mind battery size if you don’t have access to a charging point during your average day. If you need your battery to last all day I would suggest a battery capacity of 1200mah minimum. This personal rule for me out rules many pod systems because the average pod system battery capacity is about 600mah, but things are always getting better in the vaping world, for sure, and at the back end of 2019 we saw a few pod mods hitting 1500mah, 2 of the most popular devices which seem to be making an impression on the old Tinternet are the VOOPOO Vinci series and the SMOK RPM40, both are great starter kits if it’s the pod system you choose to opt-in for. These devices are ideal for both novice and experienced vapers, and can be vaped DL or MTL.

5.) Mouth pieces (drip tips)

There are 2 main sizes of drip tips used for a vape device at present, 810 drip tip and a 510 drip tip. A simple rule of thumb is 510 tips are narrow and 810s are much wider. Each type of tip works in tandem with how a vape is inhaled, either by mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct lung (DL) inhales. As a novice we do suggest MTL as opposed to DL so we also recommend using a 510 drip tip too. The 510 seems to be the favoured choice for the novice vaper as it usually resembles a similar size of that of a normal cigarette, which seems to be affective for the whole psychological and habitual side of things.