What is a filter/coil and how often do I need to change them?

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A coil and a filter are usually combined as one unit and also referred to as clearomizers and/or atomizers (among other things) they are therefore, usually the same thing. A coil would be the heating element of the atomizer (which heats the e-liquid). The filter, would technically be the cotton part of the atomizer (which absorbs and holds the e-liquid) . Between the 2 combined, along with the power from your batteries/mod is what creates the vapour. The life span of your coil/atomizer, etc, would depend on many aspects of your set up and also the bad habits/practice of the user, for example; pressing and holding the fire button way before actually inhaling on the device, forgetting to turn your e-cig off in your pocket, and inhaling on a device with a dry/poorly primed coil will severely shorten the life of your atomizer and can even burn it instantly beyond use. Assuming you have the perfect set up and you are the perfect user, we would usually say 2 to 4 weeks at best… But then there’s ohms and wattage to consider too, BUT…REMEMBER, KISS!?! For more in-depth information on this subject check out this link. Otherwise, let’s move on.